When 500 billion Naira turned to butterfly.

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This is just the story of a certain CBN Governor called Godwin Emefiele. He played a game of “Yahoo Yahoo” and he was caught. Dem catch am korokoro. .

It’s either he’s the maga or he made himself tuned maga. The CBN Governor,on his own, decided to go into CBN purse..Picked 500 billion(about US$ 1.4 billion) without any authorization and spent it on a personal business.A business where he didn’t spend 1kobo of his own money. Now the business has gone south, he’s looking for who will bail him out..Nigeria is just the best country for these guys I tell you.

Where’s the EFCC in this case? Are they only interested in picking some noise making random Musician looking for relevance? This is their case to begin with. You can count less than 10 states with the annual budget of up to 500 billion Naira. Yet we’ve got a certain Godwin who can get that for a personal business. Come o, we follow people come ds world sef? Whaatagwam? This one pass God dey..

This same ridiculous stuff happened in the case of Sambo Dasuki(former national security Adviser) where he decided to share 2.1 billion dollars on his own. Yet we’ve got “human right activists” shouting that he must be released.How? Released to go and spend his money abi? Very soon some will start shouting in support of Emefiele I can assure you..

What kind of system will just allow a man to deep his full hands into the treasury like that? 500 billion Naira?? God have mercy!! Where’s God in this wicked scheme sef?God shouldn’t continue to allow his people suffer like this o!! These guys are mean and damn wicked beyond telling.No wonder everyone wants to work in the CBN.Na God dey save us o!!

After this money disappeared, Emefiele wanted us to pay it back again. This is double jeopardy. You stole a man’s money for your failed business yet you also wanted him to pay it back for you. No be craze be dat? Ko da o!!

Of course he’s made it so easy for a mallam to be appointed as a CBN Governor. This slot that everyone was happy that Buhari looked beyond his ‘northern cocoon’, he (Emefiele) has messed it up.

This is the only country that people will steal this much, yet they’ll still see the skies. They’ll still be able to sleep with their wives and girlfriends as they wish. This is the only country where a single individual will turn 500 billion Naira to butterfly yet he’ll still be looked at as a model. If the EFCC refused to act,then,they should be told to give spacevto people who’ll act. Na wa o!! Thunder go Faya some people o!

Well I’ve always remained a quiet boy in the neighborhood. No be so? Until I vex, I pray it remains peaceful and gentle around you.. Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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