Why is it so difficult to install CCTV cameras on Nigeria streets? Why?

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On Monday in  New Jersey a mad man was caught. What did he do? He planted bombs all over the place to commit mass murder in NewYork and New Jersey.Thank God no one died but about 29 people got wounded. He didn’t care how many would be dead and injured. He just wanted to kill and maim.  How was he caught? CCTV!! Simple!!   No long grammar, no conspiracy  theory anywhere to derail his apprehension. They just recalled the CCTV video and bingo! He was smoked out of his hole.

The question now goes thus; what is stopping CCTV installation on our streets? What stops CCTV installation in our public buildings? What stops CCTV installation on our roads? What stops CCTV installation in public institutions? Why is it difficult to come out with Laws that must make installations of CCTV in buildings and institutions with public interest a top priority? It is no rocket science. However, I have to concede that corruption is part of the problem.

Just imagine a similar bomb planted in Palmgroove area of Lagos; how about imagining it in Admiralty road Lekki or Adetokunbo Ademola street in VI. Think about something like that in Abuja; We can go further to Faulks road at Aba; we can check out the same scenario in Rumuokwuta Road or Aba Road in PH. The whole GRA in Enugu or Benin  should not be imagined in such scenario.  Why is it so?

I have to confess that billions of naira was spent for CCTV installation in Abuja some years back. However when a bomb blast occurred in Abuja, the CCTV was found to be moribund, “E nor work I tell you”. No one was prosecuted for that in any form. Money was wasted and so were people’s lives. You can see the result of official and authority corruption.

Everyone in Nigeria should take this as a call for duty. Tell your Governor to provide CCTV coverage for his state. The coverage must be functional and well maintained. To do this is not complicated. It’s very simple. I know most Governors see the allocations to their states as their personal money, however we have to force these guys. If you don’t, the money would still disappear anyways. Let us make them do something that would make the security and safety of our lives easier in all ramifications.

Remember without CCTV,  that bomber in New York would have gotten away with his attempt at mass murder. Let us leave God out of this matter for now, we can help ourselves in the instance…Ewolewoo!!


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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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