Wike has won in the Supreme Court. He really “understands” the Supreme Court language.

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You know in Nigeria there are people and there are people.  Some understand what others cannot seem to  understand. The way it is, we have to admit that there are individuals who understand the system far better and they are “on top” of the situation. In this regard I have to name Bukola Saraki, Nyesom Wike and Sambo Dasuki.


These are individuals who really know how to work the system. These are individuals who understand the system more than many of us. We have to admit that they know what can be done to get out of a hole. If not, how do you explain a situation where Saraki  got the Supreme court to weigh into his corruption case at the CCT? Dasuki’s case is there for all to see.


How would you explain how a case that is about to be tried got to the supreme court within 2 months? To tell you how bizarre the case got into, the Justice that handled it was to retire 2 weeks from the day he got the case assigned to him. A man who wants to retire has a different world view about his future than someone who still has many years in his job. It is more complicated if the man who would soon retire is used to “sweet lifestyles”.   Little wonder the case(of saraki) has been deliberately made directionless.

Wike’s case came out of the blues. The Supreme Court really managed it very well by lumping it with Ebonyi and Ogun state cases.  With the way it was dismissed out rightly in the supreme court, I can only “hail” my amiable Governor that he really “speaks” the kind of language the supreme court justices understand. You cannot be a good friend of Saraki and be a loser at the Supreme Court.  It is a lesson to be learnt and taught in institutions.  We need to find a way and learn how some Nigerians have been able to get a way round what we call the judiciary. We need to find out how they’ve been able to manoeuvre round the kind of judiciary we are saddled with in Nigeria.


I can see a lot happening now. If you have enough money and clout with the “right connections”, stop wasting your time and money in the high court and the appeal court. Do your best to get your case to the Supreme court and with the right person who speaks the language that is understandable and audible with the justices, you might find your way out of confusion.

Ibori was saved by the Supreme Court when they ruled in his favour. Where is he now?  He is in a London Jail after pleading guilty to a far lesser court in the UK. Bode George is no more an ex-convict when the supreme court left him off the hook, yet the NPA money is still missing. Saraki’s corruption case could not be heard because Supreme Court is an interested party.  I can go on and on..

There is now an opening for Governors Udo Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state and Okezie Victor Ikpeazu of Abia state.  They only need to seek, learn and understand the kind of language, the Supreme Court Justices do know, and speak it. If they can do this; they would get their “mojo” back. They don’t need to freak, they just need to meet the right individuals and they would smile again. What is good for the goose….

With the Judiciary as exemplified by the Apex court, It is now a case of “speaking  the right language” and it will be well with your cause…. Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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