With a Deziani in our mist, We don’t need mortal enemies…

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Deziani Allison Madueke, the former minister of Petroleum, was alleged to have bought Le Meridien Hotel in Port Harcourt. I can tell you that she couldn’t have bought that hotel less than 30 billion naira (aboutUS$ 120 million) . Mind you, this is someone who was an executive director with Shell Petroleum but couldn’t boast of owning anything close to that. She became the minister and “blew up”. So tell me why I wouldn’t want to join Politics? Tell me why being a minister would not be “ a dream come true?.


Can anyone explain to me the reason I should become an entrepreneur? I need to understand why I should be with this kind of obscene stealing in Government. This is the uncovered part of the loot; you can  estimate the properly covered part of her loot which is unknown. There was a slip in this transaction which enabled her being uncovered. Is this how a country develops? It’s still a surprise to me that Nigeria is still “standing” as a nation. This should be one of the mysteries of the world.


How a country still runs with this kind of mindless stealing should still be a course of study in the University. How a country still moves on with this unconscionable theft makes me cringe I tell you. To make matters worse, there are people who still believe that she should be left alone in peace.  They believe she didn’t do anything even as all the facts of the loot from her have never been controverted by her or anyone close to her.


People like Deziani have made blaming Buhari for anything that has been going on looked stupid. How do you blame the man(Buhari) when a former minister stole hundreds of billions yet we all still want good life? How? If you listen to the testimonies coming from Badeh’s trial, you will understand why the military has been so decimated to the point of cluelessness. Badeh, just like Deziani, has shown us why the problems of Nigeria are inborn. This is quite sad!!


Hear me, Deziani gave the Fidelity bank MD the sum of US$115 million  to launder and share for her. She gave the skye bank MD $US88 million to launder for her. She gave the Access bank MD about US$5 million dollars to launder for her. She gave billions of naira to one Executive Director of first bank for the purchase of Le Meridien Hotel in Port Harcourt. She must have wondered why she “wasted” her time with Shell in the first place.  It is only in Nigeria that you get far richer by working with Government than being an executive director of a big international oil firm.


With characters like Deziani still free with looted funds in the midst of dwindling oil revenue and militant attacks, stability in the system would definitely be a prayer issue.   Nigeria’s stability as it were, with the thievery, can only be a matter of research and discourse at a prestigious economic theory laboratory. It should also be a matter that Guinness book of records should critically look into….Ewolewoo!!


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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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