Yahoo Yahoo…The “unfortunate” business of our time..

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The city of Abeokuta is buzzing. The Great city of Ibadan is grazing.The Ohamba town of Owerri is on the roll. Ilorin, the city of the Yoruba + caliphate combo is howling..Osogbo town is experiencing the Malaysian influence of our boyz..Boys in Enugu are on champagne halas because they gat to enjoy. How about my Lagos? from east side of lagos to the west side, boys are feeling so cool.

The clubs are having the good times again. Nice cars are prowling the streets. Sweet buildings are springing out from corners you’d initially consider remote areas. What is happening? You’d say. It is not industrial revolution my people. No one is building industrial plants for people to work and enjoy like that. It is waaat? It is called Yahoo Yahoo…That’s the flying business now in town..

Our boys have imported the Philippines, Malaysian and Mexico experiences into our inner cities. Our Government is not interested in anything other than what everyone knows. Our educational systems in Nigeria has studiously refused to measure up to the demands of the year 2019, these boys have decided to face their own lanes. Is it bad for the system? Certainly it’s not good at all for everyone. However, do we have any solution? For now we don’t because we haven’t figured out what to do.

How do you tell a far junior boy involved in Yahoo Yahoo not to engage in internet fraud again when you are struggling to make ends meet? How do you advice an individual like that when he could see that you’ve finished school yet you’re damned in having a job? How do you explain it to someone like that when he knows that you’ve been planning to travel to Canada or the US for a good life? Yet these boys are able to do, what you couldn’t do in your decades of “ legitimate working”, in months.. The bar set to qualify for advisers to these boys are so high by the current realities. Make we yan true o!

We need to first appreciate that the system has broken down. We have to agree that there’s something that has made spending many years in school so unattractive to the new generation. We need to understand that the killing of employment opportunities to qualified graduates has brought out the beast in these young people. Graduates are no longer models to them I tell you. We have to know understand and agree that these unbridled stealing in public view by public officials has instituted a debasement of the value system. These boys see these stuffs so displaying lime as an orange would not fly at all..

When the only ways the security agencies get hold on some of these boys is by going to clubs or stopping nice cars being driven by young boys, then, there’s a problem. No attempt at even upgrading the security guys in new form of cyber security IT to stop this because the money will be embezzled, then, wahala dey I tell you..

For now, there’s an “unfortunate” business in town..It is called Yahoo Yahoo… It seems, in my opinion, Government has given up in its fight..Forget all these tepid arrests..Someone somewhere needs to wake up..

Until then, I remain your quiet guy who doesn’t look for trouble..Hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you..Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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